Annual General Meeting to be held on May 27 2018

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 27th we will be electing a new slate of Board Members.  Every year all members of the Board step down and every position is open for nominations.  We will have a number of current Board Members who are not returning and we would love to have you join us.  The Board is comprised of the following positions and all of them are open to self nominate:

Treasurer (current Treasurer has moved away)
VP President Beach (2) (one VP has moved away)
Communications Chair (New Position)
Membership Chair (vacant)
Trustee (6) (at least one Trustee not returning)

We have an exciting year ahead and we need your help & input.  The Board meets once per month, typically on a weeknight.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please email alconabeachclub@hotmail.comor reach out to any of the present Board Members.

We’ll see you at the AGM.

Best regards,

Your ABC Board

Announcement Keys and Membership updates

April 1 2018

Please note that you can now pay your membership fees via etransfer.  If you still prefer to pay in person, please email or call the club to make arrangements as to when the membership chair is available.  You can also pay in person at the AGM before the meeting starts.

Upon approval from the President, if you need to swap out your old keys, for a new one, same applies as above.  Email or call the club to make arrangements with the membership chair.  This year we are keeping the keys from 2017.  Anything older than this will need to be swapped for new ones.

The board thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.